Sound Lab Consultants is a full-service laboratory consulting company serving clients all throughout Texas. Our team of business, technical and advisory lab experts is dedicated exclusively to the financial and operational needs of independent and hospital-based laboratories. We are laboratory consultants, business and management consultants, and provide lab consultations.

Our services help labs solve complex business issues and create opportunity to thrive in a highly regulated space. Our laboratory consultant and business and management consultant services can provide lab consultations in a timely manner.

We work with a large number of institutions including:

  • Independent Laboratories

  • Academic Institutions

  • Community Hospitals

  • Physician Groups

  • Clinical Laboratories

  • Pathology Groups

  • Healthcare Purchasers

  • Independent Schools

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Surgery Centers

  • Pediatric Clinics

  • OB/GYN Clinics

  • Cancer Clinics

  • Family Practice Clinics

  • Heart and Vascular Clinics

  • Physician Owned Reference Lab

  • Immunology Lab

  • Freestanding Emergency Centers

Our lab experts are ready to assist with your laboratory management needs today. Our laboratory consultants and business and management consultant team can provide lab consultations in a timely manner.

Our Services in detail include:

  • Personnel Record Review and Structuring

  • Proficiency Testing Enrollment and Compliance

  • Quality Control Program Design and Organization

  • Continuing Education Recommendations for Staff

  • Quality Assurance Program Design and Organization

  • Maintenance Program

  • Total and Complete Procedure and Policy Manual Program

  • Technical Consultation

  • Unsuccessful Survey Corrective action and Remediation

  • Plan of Corrective Action for CLIA and Plan of Required Improvement for COLA

  • Inspection Preparation and Pre-Inspection Services

  • New Lab Start-Up Lab Compliance, Billing, Operations, and Financial Oversight Services

  • Waived, Moderate, and High Complexity Lab Consultations

  • Mock Surveys

  • Failed Inspection Corrective Action Program

  • Licensing Process and Personnel Hiring

  • Supply, Vendor, and Equipment Management

  • Equipment Validation

  • Instrument Selection and Maintenance Program Setup

  • Site Selection and Compliance

  • Lab Billing, Posting Payments, Denials, Clean Claims - We know lab billing as our leadership has over 20 Years in clinical laboratory billing and brings our experience to your laboratory.

  • Lab Lead Generation

  • Lab Phone Support

  • Lab Back End Support such as requisition data entry, critical call support, customer service.

  • Lab Operations Support

Lab Consultant services working as clinical lab consultants for your CLIA Lab can assist you with compliance and survey deficiencies.

Lab Consultant in Florida

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